Animals Blow Wind Blow

Use this variation of “Blow Wind Blow” to introduce the creation story or any other Bible story with animals.

Bible:  Genesis 1:1-31

Ages: 6 to 14

Group Size: 5 or more

Supplies: Dry erase board, marker and eraser, Labels or masking tape, Pens or markers, Chairs (or anything that can mark the positions of each “seat”)

Animals Blow Wind Blow Youth Group and Sunday School Game


Set up chairs in a circle, facing the center. Set up as many chairs as there are players minus 1. For example, for 10 players, you will need 9 chairs. Alternatively, you can use anything that can mark the positions of each seat (examples: labels, masking tapes, shoes, books).

How to Play

Ask everyone for their favorite animals.

As a group, agree on which animals to include in the game.
Write the names of these animals on a dry erase board.

Assign each player one animal (or allow them to choose).
There must be 2 or more players assigned to each animal.

For younger children, you may like to write the animal name on a sticker label or piece of masking tape and stick it on the player’s shirt.

Ask one player to stand in the center of the circle and have everyone else sit on the chairs.
There should be just enough chairs for everyone except for the player in the center.

To start the game, the player in the center shouts, “Blow wind blow!”

The other players respond by shouting, “Blow what?”

The player in the center replies, “Blow all the ________.“ (one animal)

All the players who have been assigned that animal must quickly get up and move to a seat vacated by another player; the player in the center tries to get a seat. One player will be left without a seat. This player must now stand in the center of the circle and shout, “Blow wind blow!”…

You can end the game anytime.

Bible Lesson – Creation

1. Did you enjoy the game?
2. Was it easy for you to remember what animal you were?
3. Do you like animals?
4. Do you remember reading about animals in the Bible? Tell us more.

Genesis 1:20-25

5. What kinds of animals does this passage talk about?
6. Do you know who made all these animals?
7. How did God make these animals?
8. Do you know what else God created?

In the beginning the world was empty; there was nothing except God. Then God made heavens and the earth and everything in it. God made them out of nothing. God spoke and everything came into existence.

Related Bible Passages
Genesis 1:1-31


Allow calling for two or more animals at a time.
Allow calling for all animals at the same time.

Here are some variations of this game that can help introduce or reinforce other Bible lessons:

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