Best Bible Games for Adults

If you’re looking for super fun and meaningful Bible games for adults, you’ve come to the right place.

These games are great for parties, family get-togethers, church ministry meetings, small group gatherings or any Christian event.

Within this varied collection of Bible games for adults, you will find casual group games as well as games you can play to teach bible truths.
Let the fun begin!


Bible Drop a Hint

Bible Drop a Hint Game for Adults and YouthsFree Printables
Providing only one-word hints, clue givers try to get their teammate to guess a given word or phrase. An exciting, fast paced Christian game that’s extremely fun for adults and youths. LEARN MORE >


Bible Trivia

Bible TriviaFree Printables
A unique Bible Trivia game where everyone is involved at the same time. As players take turns to answer questions, other players can also score points by correctly guessing whether the answer is right or wrong. Those less familiar with the Bible can score points and enjoy the game while learning about the Bible. Questions are divided into 5 categories: (1) Easy, (2) People & Places, (3) How Many, (4) Old Testament and (5) New Testament. LEARN MORE >


Bible Who Am I?

Bible Who Am I Game for Adults Youths KidsFree Printables
Players try to identify the Bible character they have been assigned by asking yes or no questions. Great for Christians of all ages and for both small and large groups. This game can also be used to introduce a lesson on our identity in Jesus Christ. LEARN MORE >


Bible Bingo

Bible Bingo | Free Printable Bible Bingo CardsFree Printables
This Bible Bingo game is uniquely designed to help players become more familiar with the various books and sections of the Bible. Each Bible Bingo Card is divided into sections that correspond to the sections of the Bible. Download 12 unique Bible Bingo Cards and 66 Bible Bingo Calling Cards here. LEARN MORE >



Bible Swaparoo

Bible Swaparoo Books of the Bible GameFree Printables
Interesting game play makes this a really fun card game! Players must try to match Mission Cards with the appropriate Game Cards. With each turn, they have to decide which cards to keep, swap or pass to the next player. Use this game to help players become more familiar with the names and sections of the 66 books of the Bible. LEARN MORE >


Bible Pictionary

Bible PictionaryFree Printables
Bible Pictionary is a classic Christian game for adults, youths and kids where your goal is to get your teammates to correctly identify what you have drawn. A timeless favorite. LEARN MORE >



Replication Bible Game for Adults and YouthsFree Printables
Players are challenged to memorize 15 playing cards and their positions. A great church game for adults to learn about imitating Jesus. LEARN MORE >


Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie Bible Game for Adults and Youths
Players take turns to share three statements about themselves and everyone else tries to guess which two statements are true and which is a lie. This no-prep get to know you game is ideal for adults and youths. You can also use this game to teach about false teachings or about honesty. LEARN MORE >


Where in the Bible

Where in the Bible Game for AdultsFree Printables
In this Bible search game, teams race each another to find Bible verses that contain a given word. The team that finds the most verses wins. LEARN MORE >


Forbidden Words

Forbidden Words Bible Game for Adults and YouthsFree Printables
In Forbidden Words, also known as Bible Taboo, players use verbal clues to get teammates to guess a word. The word itself or any of the forbidden words listed cannot be used. Play this exciting game to learn about the power of the tongue or love in action. LEARN MORE >


Bible Charades

Bible CharadesFree Printables
Download your free printable cards here. Bible Charades is a great party game that you can also use to teach about love and faith in action. LEARN MORE >


Guess the Price

Guess the Price Bible Game for Adults and Youths
Similar to the popular TV game show “The Price is Right”, players try to guess the price of various items. A great game to teach about what’s really valuable in this world. LEARN MORE >


Picture Perfect Bible Scavenger Hunt

Bible Scavenger HuntFree Printables
In this scavenger hunt, teams must use the Bible to solve 66 simple puzzles. (One from each book of the Bible.) The answers to these puzzles are the items they must hunt for. A great activity for family or ministry events. You can also use this game to teach about the Bible, the Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl or the Parable of the Lost Sheep. LEARN MORE >



Jenga Bible Game for Adults Youths Kids
Players try to keep the tower from crashing down as they take turns to remove a block from the tower and place it back at the top. Use this game to introduce or reinforce a Bible lesson on the Wise and Foolish Builders or the Tower of Babel. LEARN MORE >


Balloon Juggling

Balloon Juggling Bible Game for Adults and Youths
Try to keep as many balloons in the air for as long as possible and learn about Jesus’ perspective on busyness. LEARN MORE >


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      You can download the Bible Bingo cards, take a screenshot of each individual card to send to each player. Then print the calling cards and randomly call them one at a time.

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