Bible Board Games

Board games are great for entertainment and for bringing people together.

For Christian families and groups, Bible board games have the added benefit of introducing elements of biblical teaching or simply opening conversations about spiritual matters.

While Christian board games are fewer and harder to come by, here are some good ones that caught our attention.

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Pharisees: The Party Game

Ages 11+, 5-48 Players, 20 minute playing time

Pharisees: The Party Game is a family-friendly card game comprising a set of 54 cards featuring 34 unique roles, such as Pharisee, Disciple, Judas, Esther, Magician, the Whale, Pharaoh, Lazarus and many more.
In this Bible card game, players live in a distant land, many centuries ago. Some have decided to become disciples of Jesus, but the religious leaders, i.e. Pharisees, are not happy about it. Pharisees try to secretly seek out one disciple to stone each night. Disciples try to identify and excommunicate the Pharisees before they all get stoned. There are special roles to help both disciples and Pharisees accomplish their missions.


Ages 10+, 2-4 Players, 30 minute playing time

In Biblios, players are Abbots who are competing for the necessary Resource Cards (Pigments, Monks, Forbidden Tomes, Holy Books and Manuscripts) to build the most famous library and assemble the greatest book collection.
This Bible card game is played in two phases. In the first Gift phase, players take turns to allocate Resource Cards to themselves and to the other players, leaving some cards to be Auctioned in the next phase. In the second Auction phase, players use their Resource Cards to bid for the Auction cards. Thereafter, players add up the values of each type of Resource Cards (Pigments, Monks, Forbidden Tomes, Holy Books and Manuscripts) in their hands. The player with the most victory points wins.

Let’s Have Church!

Ages 13+, 4+ Players, 30 minute playing time

This Bible board game, which is marketed as “The Hilarious Church Folk Party Game”, comes with 250 Playing Cards that are a mix of Bible-based questions and questions/jokes by/about church folks.
The game is played in 3 rounds.
In Round 1 “Trivia”, players must answer questions about “What Would Church Folk REALLY do” or about “Celebrity Church Folk” or Bible-based questions. For example, “In a national survey we asked everyday Church Folks, ‘What would you do if while going down for prayer after service you noticed that the person praying for you was in desparate need of a Tic Tac?’ What was the MOST popular response?”
In Round 2 “Performance”, players must draw or act out the given phrases, such as “Mountain on Fire” or “Stretch forth thy Hand”.
In Round 3 “Bible or Church Folks”, players must answer whether the given phrases are quoted from the Bible or church folks. For example, “God’s way or the highway”.
The team with the most correct answers win.


Ages 13+, 2-6 Players, 60 minute playing time

Commissioned is one of the most highly recommended cooperative Bible-themed board games available. Although based on the first 150 years of Church history, players do not need to know anything about the Bible or Church history to play this game.
In Commissioned, players are Apostles who must work together to strengthen their Faith decks, grow the Church, collect the books of the New Testament, and overcome trials. There are five game scenarios to choose from, each with a different set of victory conditions. For instance, to win in the “Acts of the Apostles” scenario, players must have a church in every city and collect all nine New Testament Word Cards before five churches are extinguished or the Trial deck runs out.
This game is played in rounds, with players taking turns to be the group’s elder and making decisions that affect the entire team. At the beginning of each round, players first build up their Faith decks, then live out their faith through trials, praying, sharing, moving and growing, and finally mature through expanding their Faith decks.
Commissioned also comes with a Theme Appendix for those who are interested in learning about the game’s historical setting.

Apples to Apples: Bible Edition

Ages 9+, 4-10 Players, 20-30 minute playing time

Apples to Apples: Bible Edition is similar to the popular party board game Apples to Apples, except that it has a Bible theme. The game is made up of Red Apple Cards and Green Apple Cards. Each Red Apple Card has a person’s name, place, thing or event found in the Bible, together with a Bible verse. For example, “The Bible” along with the Bible verse 2 Timothy 3:16.
Each Green Apple Card contains a characteristic of a person, place, thing or event, together with 3 synonyms. For example, “Trustworthy” along with “dependable”, “honest” and “reliable”.
At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt 7 Red Apple Cards. Players take turns to be the judge and pick 1 Green Apple Card from the top of a stack. Each player (except the judge) plays 1 Red Apple Card from your hand that most closely matches the Green Apple Card. The judge decides and awards the Green Apple Card to the winner. The first person to accumulate the required number of Green Apple Cards wins.

Kings of Israel

Ages 14+, 2-4 Players, 45 minute playing time

Kings of Israel, another popular cooperative Bible-themed board game, is based on the period when the nation of Israel was ruled by kings, starting from King Saul in approximately 1050 BC to the time the Northern Kingdom collapsed more than 300 years later. Although players do not need any knowledge about the Bible to play this game, it probably appeals more to those who are familiar with this period of Israel’s history.
In Kings of Israel, players are prophets who must build a specified number of altars (depending on the number of players) before Israel is destroyed or overrun by sin and idolatry. Players take turns to play, with each turn involving four phases: King’s Godliness, Sin Increases, Prophets Work and End of Round.

Watch Ya’ Mouth: Bible Expansion Pack

Ages 8+, 3-10 Players, 30 minute playing time

Watch Ya’ Mouth is a fun party board game, usually played in two teams. You need two components to play: Watch Ya’ Mouth Mouthpieces and Watch Ya’ Mouth Phrase Cards.
Teams take turns to send one player to put on a Mouthpiece (that resembles a mouth opener or cheek retractor used by dentists) and read out phrases from the Phrase Cards for their teammates to guess. The player not only looks but also sounds hilarious; everyone tries to contain their laughter as they try to guess the phrases. The team with the most correct answers wins.
The Bible Expansion Pack 1 contains 200 phrase cards, with phrases taken from the Bible as well as popular hymns and songs. Watch Ya’ Mouth Mouthpieces are sold separately.

Lifestories – Christian Version

Ages 6+, 2-8 Players, 30 minute playing time

This Christian board game serves as conversation starter for family and friends to share their life experiences with each other. It comes with a simple gameboard and 4 corresponding decks of “LifeStories” Cards: “Memories” (people and events from your past), “Etchings” (outside influences on your life), “Valuables” (your thoughts, hopes and dreams) and “Alternatives” (an optional and often amusing choice).

Bible Sequence

Ages 6+, 2-6 Players, 10 minute playing time

Bible Sequence is a strategy game, similar with the board game Sequence, with a Bible theme.
The Bible Sequence gameboard has an 8-by-8 grid. Each space on the grid has a picture of a Bible story; each picture appears on two separate spaces.
The Bible Sequence cards have these same matching pictures, together with story titles and Bible references.
Each player has 4 or 5 cards in your hand (depending on the number of players) and takes turns to discard one card at a time. As you discard each card, place one of your colored chip on a space with the matching picture on the gameboard, The first player to place five chips in a row wins the game.

Portals and Prophets

Ages 10+, 2-5 Players, 30-60 minute playing time

In the Bible board game Portals and Prophets, players travel back in time to witness biblical events that took place in the land of Israel during the time of the kings and prophets.
Players take turns to play. During each turn, players may take up to four actions: draw card(s), move your pawn, or play card(s) from your hand. You score points for playing a card when your pawn is at the right place specified by the card and the time machine is set to the right time (or has enough fuel to get there). The game ends when any player plays their third New Testament Card.


Ages 8+, 2-6 Players, 60 minute playing time

BibleOpoly is almost identical to the boardgame Monopoly, except that it is modified to the Bible theme.
In BibleOpoly, instead of a Banker, there is an Overseer; instead of collecting $200 when you pass “Go”, you receive 10 offerings each time you pass “In the Beginning”; instead of going to “Jail”, you go to “Meditation”; instead of buying properties, you become caretakers of cities by making the required offerings to the Overseer; and instead of building houses and hotels, you build churches. But there is a twist in BibleOpoly, where instead of purchasing cornerstones that are required to build churches, players must earn them through helping fellow players or doing “Community Service”. This Bible board game ends when one player successfully builds a church.

Heavenly Treasures

Ages 4+, 2-4 Players, 10 minute playing time

Heavenly Treasures is a very simple Christian board game that is similar with the popular Chutes and Ladder game.
In Heavenly Treasures, players race to be the first to reach the “Street of Gold, Gate of Heaven”. Landing on spaces such as the “Narrow Path” move you ahead, while some other spaces such as “Pit Fall” set you back. In addition, in line with its Bible and character-building themes, you must draw a card when you land in a “Bible” space; if it’s a good character trait you move forward but if it’s bad, you move backward.

It’s All About That Grace

Ages 7+, 2-6 Players, 15 minute playing time

This Christian card game is based on the biblical teaching that the wages of sin is death, but by grace we can be saved.
There are 60 cards in total, comprising 12 Grace Cards, 7 Sin Cards, 20 Good Works Cards, 20 Action Cards and 1 Miracle Card.
Before the game begins, place 3 Grace Cards facing up in the middle. During the game, if you have 3 Good Works Cards, you can exchange them for one of these Grace Cards.
Each player has 5 cards to begin and take turns to play. During your turn, you can play as many cards (or none) as you like. If you play an action card, you must do what it says. Then end your turn by drawing a card from the Draw pile.
If you draw a Sin Card, you are out of the game unless you have a Grace Card to save you. The last player standing wins!


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