Bible Games for Adults

Adults love to have fun too! In the same way that Jesus used parables to impart biblical truths, well-planned and well-executed games can also help you catch the attention of your audience and get them thinking. And when they become an active participant in the learning, biblical principles become more relevant and memorable.

These Bible games for adults all come with ready-to-use lessons, along with high quality free printables where necessary.

You may also like to visit our shop for some Bible card and board games that you can stock up at home or in your ministry supplies closet. These games are created with both families and churches in mind. They are not only incredibly fun, but are also great, handy tools for opening spiritual conversations and learning about the Bible!

Bible board games are not only great for bringing people together, they have the added benefit of introducing elements of biblical teaching or simply opening conversations about spiritual matters. Here are some Christian board games that caught our attention.
Our top collection of fun and meaningful Bible games for adults. Great for parties, family get-togethers, church ministry meetings, small group gatherings or any Christian event.
Leading a small group meeting? Planning a ministry gathering? Hosting a party? These icebreaker games are perfect for getting your guests warmed up.
Knowing how the Bible is organized will help us better understand God’s Word. These Books of the Bible Games for Adults are fun ways to become more familiar with the various books and sections of the Bible. Within this collection are games that will work well in small group settings as well as games that can be played in a larger group.
Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and the many other good things we have been blessed with. If you are planning a Thanksgiving celebration at home or in church, the games below will certainly liven your gathering. These Thanksgiving games and activities will not only keep your guests entertained, they can also help everyone get to know each other a little better. Free printables are included to make your preparations that much easier.
Here is our collection of delightfully fun Christmas games for kids and adults. In the mix are lively Christmas party games as well as more relaxed (read quieter) Christmas game ideas. Whether you are planning a holiday party, Christmas family gathering, Sunday School lesson or church event, these Christmas games will add a healthy dose of festive cheer to the occasion. And preparations will be a breeze with the beautiful free printables provided.
Planning an Easter celebration at home or in church? These Easter games and activities are perfect to liven up your event. Here you will find games for adults and children; indoor as well as outdoor games. Whether you are preparing for an Easter party, family gathering, Sunday School lesson or church event, these Easter games and activities will surely add an energetic buzz to the occasion.
Here are some family-friendly cooperative board games that are great for bringing people together to create shared experiences and memories. All without the unnecessary tension that competitive games sometimes produce.

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