Bible Look It Up

Players must quickly locate various verses in a hardcopy Bible and write down their respective page numbers. The first team to find all 66 Bible verses wins. You can use this game to introduce the different books and sections of the Bible. 

Ages: 6 and above

Group Size: 2 or more

Supplies: Bible Look It Up Cards – Download Here, Bibles, Pens or pencils, Books of the Bible Chart (Optional) – Download Here, Sections of the Bible Overview (Optional) – Download Here

Bible Verse Look It Up Game


Download, print and cut up the Bible Look It Up Cards.
There are 66 cards, corresponding to the 66 Books of the Bible.
(You will need 1 set per team.)

Bible Look It Up Cards

You may also like to download and print the following optional resources for your reference during the game or for your discussion thereafter.
Books of the Bible Chart

Books of the Bible Chart

Sections of the Bible Overview
Sections of the Bible Overview

How to Play

The objective of this game is to be the first team to look up 66 verses in the Bible and write down their page numbers.

At one end of the room, have players form teams and stand in lines.
Give each team a set of 66 Bible Look It Up Cards. Shuffle the cards and place them next to the first player.

At the opposite end of the room, place hardcopy Bibles and pens/pencils on a table.
(You will need 1 hardcopy Bible and 1 pen/pencil for each team.)

On “go”, the first player from each team picks up a Bible Look It Up Card, runs to the team’s Bible at the opposite end, looks up the verse, writes the page number on the card, then runs back.

The next player does the same.

Carry on doing this until you have finished looking up all 66 verses.

Once all teams are ready, or when the time is up, check the page numbers written on the cards.

Award 1 point for every correct page number.
Perfect score: 66 points.

Variation: Play with Fewer Cards

Depending on the number and ages of players, you may not want to play with the full set of 66 cards.

Consider playing with only the Old Testament or New Testament cards, or randomly pick any number of cards that you like.

Bible Lesson – Books and Sections of the Bible

1. Did you enjoy this game?
2. Was it easy to look up the 66 Bible verses? Did you make use of the Index Page on your Bible? Why or why not?

The Bible is not one single book, but a collection of 66 smaller books that tell one unified story.
These 66 books of the Bible are organized into sections.
Being familiar with how the Bible is organized helps us quickly find specific passages in the Bible.

3. The Bible is divided into two main parts. What are the names of these parts?
4. What are some differences between the Old Testament and the New Testament?

5. How are the 39 books of the Old Testament organized?
6. What are the 5 sections of the Old Testament called?
7. How would you describe each of these 5 sections?

8. How are the 27 books of the New Testament organized?
9. What are these 5 sections called?
10. How would you describe each of these 5 sections?

11. How important is it for us to know the organization of the Bible into the various sections that we have just discussed?

Being familiar with the 66 books of the Bible and how they are organized helps us more quickly locate specific passages in the Bible. More importantly, knowing which section of the Bible a passage is taken from gives us an idea of its genre and helps us understand the passage better.

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