Bible Pictionary

Free printable Bible Pictionary Cards! Bible Pictionary is a classic game where your goal is to get your teammates to correctly identify what you have drawn. A timeless favorite.

Bible: 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Ages: 10 and above

Group Size: 4 or more

Supplies: Bible Pictionary Cards – Download Here, Dry erase board with markers or papers and pen, and Timer

Bible Pictionary
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For younger children, check out Bible Pictionary for Kids which features easier words and phrases from popular children’s Bible stories. Younger kids may also prefer our suggested cooperative rules where all players work as a team to achieve a common goal.



Download, print and cut up the Bible Pictionary Cards.

Bible Pictionary Cards


How to Play Bible Pictionary

Divide into teams of 2-6 players per team.

Each round of Bible Pictionary lasts 1 minute.
For each round, only one team will play while the other teams watch.
Teams take turns to play.

The team playing appoints one drawer for that round; the other players of that team will be the guessers.

On “Go!”, the drawer picks up one Bible Pictionary Card.
That player must draw out the word or phrase on the Bible Pictionary Card while his or her teammates try to guess the correct answer within 1 minute.

If they get it correct within the 1 minute, the team scores 10 points.

Play for a pre-determined number of rounds or period of time.



Variation 1
If the playing team fails to get the correct answer, allow the other teams to guess.
Get them to write down their answers if you are playing with more than 2 teams.
Award 5 points for the correct answer.

Variation 2
For a more intense Bible Pictionary game, instead of using just 1 card per round, allow the playing team to draw out as many cards as time permits.
(You may want to consider extending the time limit to 2 or 3 minutes for this variation.)
But players are not allowed to “pass” on any card.
Award 10 points for each correct answer within the time limit.


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Bible Lesson – What is the Bible?

1. Did you enjoy this game?
2. Which did you enjoy more? Drawing or guessing? Why?

In this game, we recalled many stories and passages from the Bible.

3. Are you familiar with all these stories and people?
4. How often do you read the Bible?
5. Do you know who wrote the Bible?

2 Timothy 3:16-17

6. What is another name for the Bible?
7. Who wrote the Bible?

The Bible is sometimes referred to as Scripture.
Different human authors wrote different books of the Bible.
There are altogether more than 40 human authors who took about 1500 years to write all 66 books of the Bible.
However, the entire Bible tells one unified story because God is the real author behind these human authors.
God’s Spirit worked within the human authors to inspire them to write the Bible.

8. Why is the Bible important?

The Bible tells us all about God and his relentless love for us.
It tells us how we can have a relationship with God and how we can fulfill God’s plans for our lives.
It teaches us to distinguish between what is right and wrong in God’s eyes, and trains and equips us to do God’s work.

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  1. Thank you for taking time out to create this game. It is all very efficient and it really tests how much we know about the stories in the Bible. God bless you!

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Bible: 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Ages: 10 and above

Group Size: 4 or more

Supplies: Bible Pictionary Cards – Download Here, Dry erase board with markers or papers and pen, and Timer

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