Blow Wind Blow

A great icebreaker game that helps break up cliques by injecting movement and excitement. It can also be played to help players get to know one another or to wake up the class in the middle of a heavy day. 

Ages: 6 to 14

Group Size: 5 or more

Supplies: Chairs (or anything that can mark the positions of each “seat”)

Icebreaker Game for Youths and Kids Blow Wind Blow


Set up chairs in a circle, facing the center. Set up as many chairs as there are players minus 1. For example, for 10 players, you will need 9 chairs. Alternatively, you can use anything that can mark the positions of each seat (examples: labels, masking tapes, shoes, books).

How to Play

Ask one player to stand in the center of the circle and have everyone else sit on the chairs.

To start the game, the player in the center shouts, “Blow wind blow!”

The other players respond by shouting, “Blow what?”

The player in the center replies, “Blow everyone who ________.“

(Examples, “… is wearing glasses”, “… is wearing white”, “… ate breakfast this morning”, “… has ever played basketball”, “… has ever been to Mexico”.)

All the players who fit that description must quickly get up and move to a seat vacated by another player; the player in the center tries to get a seat. One player will be left without a seat. This player must now stand in the center of the circle and shout, “Blow wind blow!”…

You can play for as long as you like.


Here are some variations of this game that can help introduce or reinforce a Bible lesson:

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