Box of Lies

Volunteers open boxes containing bizarre items and choose to either describe it truthfully or lie about what’s in the box. The audience votes on whether he’s telling the truth or not. Use this adaptation of a popular talk show game to teach about doubting faith. 

Bible: John 20:24-31

Ages: 10 and above

Group Size: 4 or more

Supplies: 5 Large Shoeboxes, 5 bizarre objects, Table, Chair, Low screen

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Box of Lies Youth Group Game


Prepare 5 boxes, each containing 1 bizarre object.
You can prepare more boxes if you wish to play more rounds.

Choose unusual or funny-looking items or combine common items to create something wacky.
Aim to elicit a shocked expression or laughter from the person opening the box.

– A pineapple dressed to look like a burglar, with black stocking or handkerchief covering the “face” and wearing dark sunglasses
– A soft toy hugging a toothbrush
– A photo of someone everyone in the group knows, printed off a face distortion app
– A can of beans with googly eyes

Place a table and chair at the front of the room. Set up a low screen such that the audience can see the face of the person sitting at the table but not what’s on the table.

How to Play

Have everyone sit such that they cannot see what’s on the table behind the screen.

For each round, one volunteer sits at the table behind the low screen with one box on the table.

The volunteer opens the box such that only he/she can see what’s inside, and either truthfully describes the item, or lie about what’s in the box.
After the volunteer describes the item, the audience needs to guess if he/she was telling the truth or not.
The object of the game is for the volunteer to trick the audience into guessing incorrectly.

Once the volunteer finishes describing the item, those in the audience who think he/she is telling the truth will move to one side of the room. Get this group to shout, “It’s the truth!”

Those who think he/she is lying will move to the other side of the room. Get this group to shout, “I doubt it!”

Ask the volunteer to reveal the correct answer and invite anyone who wants to verify the answer to walk to the table to check out the item.

Bible Lesson for Youths/Adults – Doubting Faith

Get Started
1. Was it difficult to guess if the person was telling the truth or not?
2. What are some things you have heard about that you initially did not believe, but turned out to be true?
3. What are some things you have heard about that you initially believed, but turned out to be untrue?

Get into the Word
Read John 20:24-31
4. What do you think caused Thomas’ doubt? Why couldn’t he believe what the disciples said?
5. How did Jesus deal with Thomas’ doubt? Why did Jesus do that?
6. In what ways can doubts in our faith be good?
7. In what ways can doubts in our faith be bad?
8. What else can we learn about doubt from this passage?

Get the Word into your Life
9. What are some things that you have doubted in the Bible? About God? About your faith?
10. What may happen if these doubts are not addressed?
11. What can you do to address these doubts?
12. What will you do to address these doubts?


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