Calm Sunday School Games

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)
Do you need the kids to settle down and be (somewhat) quiet?
Keep kids engaged with these games that are fun without excessive noise or physical movements.
For instance, in Once Upon an Emoji, kids can let their imaginations run wild in a group story-telling game before being introduced to the overarching story of the Bible. And in Mystery Bag, children use their sense of touch to guess an object before thinking of Bible stories or passages associated with it.

This popular card game can be used in lessons on evangelism and missions as well as to teach kindness.
Sitting in a circle, each person says something nice to his/her neighbor. This simple activity provides an opportunity to practice using our speech to build others up.
Figure out the solutions to these river crossing puzzles and learn about kindness.
Challenge everyone to identify and erase wrong statements from a given list. This activity can be used in lessons on forgiveness and to teach that love keeps no record of wrongs.
This collection of Bible word search puzzles are based on various popular Bible stories. The hidden words in these puzzles have been intentionally chosen to help children remember the Bible story. Solutions are provided.
This fruit of the Spirit game is an activity that challenges your memory and helps you remember all 9 attributes of the fruit of the Spirit. 
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