Easter Games and Activities

Planning an Easter celebration at home or in church? These Easter games and activities are perfect to liven up your event. 

Here you will find games for adults and children; indoor as well as outdoor games. 

Whether you are preparing for an Easter party, family gathering, Sunday School lesson or church event, these Easter games and activities will surely add an energetic buzz to the occasion.

Easter egg hunts are not only fun for kids; they can be great for adults too! Whether you are planning an adult Easter egg hunt for movie buffs, fans of word games, Instagrammers or a just a fun-loving bunch of friends, you will find an idea that works for you here!
Spice up your Easter party with this collection of Easter Minute to Win It games for both kids and adults. Using only Easter eggs, candy and common household items, these indoor games are easy to prepare, fun to play and entertaining to watch!
Here are some fun and exciting games you can play with Easter eggs! These games are perfect for introducing a Bible lesson on Easter.
In these Easter scavenger hunts, players must look for Easter eggs that contain specific items. Beautifully designed free printables are included to make preparations a breeze.
Planning an Easter party at home or in church? This Easter Bingo game featuring Easter eggs, bunnies, candy and other festive illustrations is perfect to liven up your celebration! Download 24 unique Easter Bingo Cards and 40 Easter Bingo Calling Cards here.
Whether you are looking for sit-down Easter games for kids or high-energy activities to burn off their excess energy (from eating all that Easter candy?), we’re sure you will find something suitable here!
Adults love to have fun too! Here are some Easter themed games that you can play with your adult guests during your Easter party, family gathering, small group meeting or church event!
These Easter party games for kids and adults are super easy to prepare and ideal for indoor gatherings. Most of the games here only require Easter eggs, jellybeans, candy and some common household items.
Carnivals are great fun for both kids and adults. Why not put together an Easter themed carnival? Or you can incorporate several of the games here into your Easter party, family gathering, Sunday School lesson or church event. These games equally well indoors or outdoors and will add an energetic buzz to your Easter celebration.
This collection of printable Easter word search puzzles are based on Biblical accounts of events leading to Jesus death and resurrection. Solutions are provided.
Resurrection Eggs are a great way to tell the story of Easter. Here’s how you can make your own set of resurrection eggs using items that are really easy to find. Alternatively, you can use our printable Resurrection Eggs Cards which feature images of these items. Also included here is a printable script for telling the story of Easter and several fun games you can play with Resurrection Eggs.
Standing in a line, teams race to pass Easter eggs from one player to another using only paper plates. The first team to transfer all the eggs wins. This game can be used to introduce a lesson on Easter.

Easter Sunday School Lessons

You may also be interested in these free Easter Sunday School Lessons:

In this Sunday school lesson on The Last Supper, kids plan their dream menu for a party, watch an animated video, play Pictionary, and craft a fridge magnet to remind them that Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins.
Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? Activities in this Sunday School Lesson include a paper airplane that transforms into a cross, an object lesson using a hard-boiled egg, and a salvation bracelet craft. Kids learn that if we believe in Jesus and confess our sins, God will forgive our sins. We can become children of God and will one day be with Him in heaven.
This lesson starts off with a hilarious Silly Easter Egg Hunt which introduces something more meaningful - Resurrection Eggs. Kids learn the Easter story through a video, and then retell it with the help of Resurrection Eggs that they make. We received the good news about Jesus from someone, and Jesus wants us to pass it on so that more people will come to know and believe in Him!

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