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Face the Cookie

In this minute-to-win-it game, players try to move cookies from their foreheads into their mouths using only their facial muscles; no hands allowed. Use this game to introduce the Bible story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den.

Bible: Daniel 6:1-28; John 16:33; Revelation 21:1-5

Ages: 6 and above

Group Size: 2 or more

Supplies: Cookies, Chairs

Face the Cookie Bible Game for Kids
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How to Play

At one end of the room:
Have players form teams and stand in lines.


At the opposite end of the room:
Place one chair for each team and a box of cookies next to it.


On “go”, one player from each team runs to sit on the chair and places one cookie on the forehead. The player must try to move the cookie into the mouth using only his/her facial muscles. No hands allowed.

Once the cookie is in the player’s mouth, he/she will run back, and it is the next player’s turn.

If the cookie drops on the floor, the player must run back, and it is the next player’s turn.

The first team to eat 5 cookies wins.

Be aware of the food allergies of your players. Avoid cookies with nuts.



Bible Lesson – Daniel in the Lions’ Den

1. Did you enjoy this game? Why or why not?
2. Was it easy to get the cookie into your mouth?
3. Does this game remind you of any Bible story?

This game reminds me of Daniel in the lions’ den.
Just like some of you had difficulty getting the cookie into your mouths, the lions could not eat Daniel even though he was right there.

Daniel 6:1-5

4. What do we know about Daniel?
5. Did King Darius’ administrators and satraps like Daniel? Why or why not?

Daniel 6:6-9

6. What did King Darius’ royal administrators, prefects, satraps, advisers and governors trick the king into doing?
7. How would a person be punished for not obeying the king’s new decree?

Daniel 6:10

8. Did Daniel obey King Darius’ new decree? Why or why not?

Daniel 6:11-13

9. Did King Darius find out that Daniel did not obey his new decree?
10. How did King Darius find out that Daniel did not obey his new decree?

Daniel 6:14-18

11. What was King Darius’ reaction when he found out that Daniel did not obey his new decree? Why do you think he felt this way?
12. Did King Darius punish Daniel? Why or why not?
13. How did King Darius feel about punishing Daniel?

Daniel 6:19-23

14. Did the lions harm Daniel? Why or why not?

Daniel 6:24-27

15. What did the king do after lifting Daniel out of the lion’s den? Why?

Daniel 6:28

16. Why do you think Daniel prospered?
17. What can we learn from this story?

It is not always easy to worship God. Sometimes we meet people who do not share our beliefs, and sometimes they try to harm us. But we don’t have to be afraid. God is greater than even the most powerful earthly king. In today’s story, God sent his angel to shut the mouths of the lions so Daniel was not hurt. In the same way, God can protect us from all harm. When we put our faith in Jesus, God sends the Holy Spirit to come and live in our lives; he will help us deal with the difficulties that come our way.

We will always have troubles here on earth (John 16:33). But we can look forward to the fact that, one day, all the problems of this world will go away, and we will live with God in a perfect world, with no pain, no crying and no death! (Revelation 21:1-5)

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