Fan a-Way

Separate ping pong balls of 2 different colors using only paper plates as fans. Use this game to introduce the story of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea.

Bible: Exodus 14:10,13-31

Ages: 6 and above

Group Size: 2 or more

Supplies: 1 Hula Hoop, 1 Paper Plate per player and 20 Ping Pong balls (2 different colors, 10 each)

Fan A-Way Bible Game for Kids
Bible Games for Home and Church

How to Play

Up to 4 players can play at a time.
If you have more than 4 players, either take turns to play, or set up multiple sets and play in teams to compete against each other:

Place a Hula hoop in the middle of the room.
Place 20 ping pong balls inside the Hula hoop (2 different colors, 10 each).
(Consider using fewer ping pong balls for younger children.)
Give each player a paper plate to use as a fan.

On “go”, work as a team to fan the ping pong balls.
The goal is to separate the two colors with a “path” between them.
If the ping pong balls are knocked outside of the Hula hoop, place them back in the middle and continue playing.


Bible Games for Home and Church


Bible Lesson – Moses and the Parting of the Red Sea

1. Did you enjoy this game? Why or why not?
2. Was it easy to separate the different-colored Ping Pong balls?
3. Does this game remind you of any Bible stories?

Today we will look at one of the most famous Bible passages – the parting of the Red Sea.
Pharaoh, the king of Egypt had made the Israelites his slaves and treated them badly. So the Israelites cried out to God and God sent Moses to lead them out of Egypt. Pharaoh had initially refused to let them go. However, after God sent 10 plagues upon Egypt, Pharaoh finally agreed to let them go. But shortly after the Israelites left, Pharaoh changed his mind. Pharaoh, with all his horses, chariots, horsemen and troops, pursued the Israelites. Here is what happened when Pharaoh approached the Israelites, who were camped by the Red Sea.

Exodus 14:10,13-31
(For younger kids, use a children’s Bible or read Exodus 14:10,13,21-23,28-30.)

4. How did the Israelites feel when they saw Pharaoh and the Egyptians marching after them?
5. What did Moses and the Israelites to do?
6. How did the Israelites cross the Red Sea?
7. What happened after the Israelites finished crossing the Red Sea?
8. Do you think this is a true story? Why or why not?
9. Do you believe that God made this happen? Why or why not?

We know that this is a true story because the Bible tells us so. Our God is the creator of the heavens and the earth and everything in it. God has control over everything, even nature – like the sun and moon and seas.

10. What can we do when we have problems?

When we face difficulties, we can ask God for help. Sometimes God helps in ways that we expect him to. And other times he helps is in ways that we did not expect. But even when we don’t seem to see God doing anything to help us, we must continue to trust him. God loves and cares for us, and he sometimes works in ways that we do not understand.

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Bible: Exodus 14:10,13-31

Ages: 6 and above

Group Size: 2 or more

Supplies: 1 Hula Hoop, 1 Paper Plate per player and 20 Ping Pong balls (2 different colors, 10 each)

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