Fruit Harvest

Play this variation of Battleship to help everyone remember the Fruit of the Spirit. Played between 2 players or 2 teams, the first to harvest all nine fruit wins!

Bible:  Galatians 5:22-23

Ages: 6 and above

Group Size: 2 to 10

Supplies: Fruit Harvest Game Board – Download Here, Pencils

Fruit Harvest Youth Group and Sunday School Game


Download and print 2 copies of Fruit Harvest Game Board (1 copy per player/team). You may want to print extra copies to play multiple rounds.

Fruit Harvest Game Board

How to Play

Setting Up

Fold your Fruit Harvest Game Board in two to hide your markings from your opponent.

Fruit Harvest Game Board Folded

These are your Fruit of the Spirit:

Fruit of the Spirit

Decide where you want to place them. You may place them only horizontally or vertically, not diagonally. Your fruit cannot overlap. Use a pencil to mark out their positions on the My Harvest Field grid on the left.

Playing the Game

Take turns to harvest your opponent’s Fruit of the Spirit by calling out grid positions.

For example, you can call out “A1”:
– If your opponent has a fruit on that square, he/she must say “FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT”.
– If your opponent does not have a fruit on that square, he/she must say “MISS”.
– Your opponent does not need to tell you the name of the fruit that you have just harvested unless you have harvested the last square for that fruit. For example, if you have harvested the last square for LOVE, your opponent must say, “LOVE FULLY HARVESTED”.

Each player calls out one grid position per turn regardless whether it’s a correct or wrong guess.

Use the smaller My Neighbor’s Harvest Field grid on the right side of the game board to mark out your own guesses:
– For example, if you called “A1” and harvested a fruit there, mark that square with an X.
– If it’s a MISS, mark with a O.
– Cross out the names of each Fruit of the Spirit when they are fully harvested.

Use the My Harvest Field grid to mark out your Fruit of the Spirit that your opponent has harvested.
– For example, if your opponent called out “B4” and you have a Fruit in that square, you say “FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT” and mark that square with an X. When all the squares for a fruit have been harvested (all have been marked with Xs), you say “(Name of Fruit) FULLY HARVESTED”. (eg, “LOVE FULLY HARVESTED”)
– If you do not have a fruit in that square, you say “MISS”; you do not need to mark that square.

The game ends when one player fully harvests all nine Fruit of the Spirit.

Bible Lesson – Fruit of the Spirit

1. Did you enjoy the game?
2. Was it easy for you to harvest all nine fruits?
3. Can you recall some of these nine fruits?

The Bible talks about these nine attributes as the fruit of the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23

4. What are the nine attributes of the fruit of the Spirit?
5. How can we get the fruit of the Spirit?
6. Can you give examples of how each attribute is displayed? For example, how do you show love?
7. Out of these nine attributes, which is the most difficult for you?

These nine attributes – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control – are fruit of the Spirit. They are produced by the Holy Spirit who lives inside those who believe in Jesus. Following and yielding to the Holy Spirit leads to good fruit in our lives that please God.


Here is a variation of this game that can help introduce or reinforce another Bible lesson:

  • Battleship (for lessons on spiritual warfare or the armor of God)

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