Fruit of the Spirit Memory Game

This fruit of the Spirit game is an activity that challenges your memory and helps you remember all 9 attributes of fruit of the Spirit. 

Bible: Galatians 5:22-23

Ages: 6 to 10

Group Size: 2 or more

Supplies: Fruit of the Spirit Cards – Download Here

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Fruit of the Spirit Game and Activity


Download and print 2 copies of the Fruit of the Spirit Cards. Cut each copy into nine.

Fruit of the Spirit Cards

How to Play

Mix the cards and place them all facing down.

Each player takes turns to open two cards.

If they are the same, you may keep these two cards and open another two cards.

Otherwise the turn passes to the next player.

Continue playing until all the cards have been collected.

Bible Lesson – Fruit of the Spirit

1. Did you enjoy the game?
2. Was it easy for you to remember the positions of the cards?
3. Can you recall some of the pictures or words on these cards?

The Bible talks about these nine attributes as the fruit of the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23

4. What are the nine attributes of the fruit of the Spirit?
5. How can we get the fruit of the Spirit?
6. Can you give examples of how each attribute is displayed? For example, how do you show love?
7. Out of these nine attributes, which is the most difficult for you?

These nine attributes – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control – are fruit of the Spirit. They are produced by the Holy Spirit who lives inside those who believe in Jesus. Following and yielding to the Holy Spirit leads to good fruit in our lives that please God.

Bible games are excellent tools for teaching Biblical truths. What are your thoughts on this game?


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