Here is our full collection of Bible games for kids.
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This Bible science experiment using Mentos and soda creates a messy eruption that can teach us about joy in our lives and rejoicing in heaven.
Be prepared for noise and chaos, with half of the group shouting and the other half trying to listen out for the correct voice to follow! A great way to introduce the topic of discipleship and following the Good Shepherd.
This popular card game can be used in lessons on evangelism and missions as well as to teach kindness.
Fashion the most creative outfits with just toilet paper and masking tape. Use this game to teach about practical ways we can show kindness to others.
Carefully pick up one stick at a time without moving any other sticks. Use this game to teach about gentleness.
Sitting in a circle, each person says something nice to his/her neighbor. This simple activity provides an opportunity to practice using our speech to build others up.
Figure out the solutions to these river crossing puzzles and learn about kindness.
Have fun keeping balloons in the air and learn about how love always protects.
Challenge everyone to identify and erase wrong statements from a given list. This activity can be used in lessons on forgiveness and to teach that love keeps no record of wrongs.
Use this variation of “Blow Wind Blow” to introduce the creation story or any other Bible story with animals.
Play a game of Pass the Parcel before sharing the Gospel. Especially great for Christmas celebrations and other parties.