Oven Mitt Unwrap

Try your hand at unwrapping a Christmas present while wearing a pair of oven mitts. A hilarious twist on the traditional “Pass the Parcel” game. 

Bible: Luke 1:26-33; 2:1-21; Matthew 2:1-12; John 3:16

Ages: 6 and above

Group Size: 8 or more

Supplies: 2 dice in a cup, a pair of oven mitts and at least 1 gift-wrapped present (If you are playing with a large group, we suggest preparing multiple sets of these items.)

Oven Mitt Unwrap Christmas Game


Wrap the present in several layers of gift-wrapping paper.
Avoid using too much sticky tape.

Prepare more presents if you wish to play multiple rounds of this game.

How to Play

Have everyone sit in a circle.

Give one player a pair of oven mitts and the present, and the person on his/her left the cup with 2 dice.

On “go” the player with the oven mitts puts them on and tries to unwrap the present one layer at a time.
At the same time, the player with the dice rolls them until he/she gets doubles.

Once doubles is rolled, the player passes the cup and dice to the player on the left, and takes over the oven mitts and present from the player on the right.
Play continues with the items moving left each time doubles are rolled.

The player who unwraps the final layer keeps the present.


To play this game, you only need one set of dice, oven mitts and gift-wrapped present.
However, if you are playing with a larger group, it will be more fun to have multiple sets of these items in play simultaneously.
We recommend one set of these items for every 8 to 10 players.

If you are playing with young children, we suggest choosing a non-regular shaped present.
Boxes tend to be more difficult to unwrap while wearing a pair of oven mitts.
For younger kids, consider using visible stickers or labels instead of transparent sticky tape.

If you are playing with a mixed-gender group, remember to select gender-neutral presents.

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