Plagues Dominoes

Play a game of dominoes to introduce a lesson on the 10 plagues of Egypt.

Bible: Exodus 7:1-12:51

Ages: 6 to 10

Group Size: 2 to 8

Supplies: Plagues Dominoes Printable – Download Here, Card or stiff paper for backing, Glue, Scissors

Bible Dominoes - 10 Plagues of Egypt


A big thank you to Kate from for contributing this game and accompanying printable.



Download and print the Plagues Dominoes Printable.

Plagues Dominoes Printable

(This is a reduced set of dominoes best played with 2-3 players. You may want to print additional sets if you are playing with more than 3 people.)

Paste each page onto your card or stiff paper and cut out all the dominoes.


How to Play

Mix the dominoes and place them in a pile all facing down.

Each player takes 7 dominoes from the pile.
One extra domino is turned faced up on the table to start the game.

Players take turns to make the pathway longer by placing matching symbols together.
Each symbol can only be matched once.

If a player is unable to take a turn they must pick up another domino to add to their pile.
The winner is the first to get rid of all their dominoes or the one with the fewest left when the pile is gone.

For older children : challenge them to connect the plagues in order.



Bible Lesson – 10 Plagues of Egypt

1. Did you enjoy this activity? Why or why not?
2. Was it easy for you to find somewhere to place your dominoes?
3. How long a chain did you make?
4. Did you recognize any of the pictures you were matching?
5. Do you know of any Bible story that may have all these different things in it?

Read a children’s version of the 10 plagues of Egypt as found in Exodus 7-12.

6. Can you match the symbols on the dominoes to the plagues? (Give the children a few minutes to do this.)
7. Why do you think Pharaoh was afraid of losing his slaves?
8. How do you think the Egyptians felt about the Israelites after the plagues just kept coming?

Exodus 12:33

9. Who would you have liked to be in this story: an Egyptian? the Pharaoh? an Israelite?
10. How can we be stubborn sometimes, like the Pharaoh?

Sometimes following what God has planned can be uncomfortable. Sometimes God shows us clearly by sending people like Moses, other times he sends signs, or speaks to us through his word, the Bible. (Thankfully he doesn’t often send plagues!) God asks us to be willing to change our minds and learn from him. That means that we may have to give up things that are convenient and normal for us. If God asks us to do something for him we shouldn’t just ignore the message.


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Jesus Without LanguagesHi I’m Kate and I left full time kids and youth ministry to go on a short term Serbian mission trip. By years end I was engaged and leaving my life in the UK to turn my mission field into my long term home which now includes a very talkative preschooler. My passion for kids ministry was hampered by a total lack of language skills and finding material suitable for translation became my goal. Soon I was writing original resources and was born. Years later the bold and cheerful bible characters I create bless churches around the world. Check out the JesusWithoutLanguage site for great resources for the under 10’s, awesome paper crafts, imaginative storytelling, bright printable material and more.

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Bible: Exodus 7:1-12:51

Ages: 6 to 10

Group Size: 2 to 8

Supplies: Plagues Dominoes Printable – Download Here, Card or stiff paper for backing, Glue, Scissors

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