Quiet Youth Group Games

It is always good to include a variety of games for each youth group session. Just as noisy games appeal to some students, others may prefer less rowdy ones.

Instead of exercising their muscles and vocal cords, your youths will be exercising their minds and creativity with these quiet youth group games.
For instance, in Once Upon an Emoji, youths can let their imaginations run wild in a group story-telling game before being introduced to the overarching story of the Bible. And in Mystery Bag, they use their sense of touch to guess an object before thinking of Bible stories or passages associated with it.

Use any jigsaw puzzle to teach patience.
Carefully pick up one stick at a time without moving any other sticks. Use this game to teach about gentleness.
Figure out the solutions to these river crossing puzzles and learn about kindness.
Challenge everyone to identify and erase wrong statements from a given list. This activity can be used in lessons on forgiveness and to teach that love keeps no record of wrongs.
Challenge one another to describe a given item in as many ways as possible. Just as an object can be described in so many different ways, 1 Corinthians 13 shows us that there are different aspects to love as well.
This collection of Bible word search puzzles are based on various popular Bible stories. The hidden words in these puzzles have been intentionally chosen to help children remember the Bible story. Solutions are provided.

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