Do you want to make learning the Bible fun for everyone?
Here are some super fun Bible Games that kids, teens and adults all WANT to play!

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Be ready for loads of laughs! Super cool emojis and your favorite Bible stories come together in this highly entertaining game. With 4 versatile gameplay options, even younger children and those new to the Bible can join in the fun!

“This is our daughter’s new favorite game! It’s a versatile game that is fitting for ALL AGES, while teaching about Biblical stories through pictures. It’s amazing what our 6 year old has already learned through this game!” – Kristin


“Emojis! Our Sunday school kids really enjoy this one. Great collaboration too as the kids can use the cards to tell a story together. No one is left out because they don’t know their Bible as well… yet.” – Traci

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A fast-paced game played with 57 unique octagonal tiles. On any 2 Bible Match It Link It tiles, there is always 1 (and only 1) matching image. The 4 exciting ways to play Bible Match It Link It are all super easy learn: Match It like “Snap!” then Link It like “Dominoes”.

“My 5 and 8-year-old loved this fast-paced game! Really cool that there are so many different ways to play. It’s like getting 4 games in one!” – Brandi


“Unlike matching games for kids that are ‘too easy’ and where the challenge wears out soon, this one contains enough permutations to really work! Even for adults and for multiple sessions!” – Chin

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In this exciting game, players must collect complete sets of Parable Cards. You can draw as many cards as you like, but be careful... Draw an Oopsie! Card and you will pay the price! Will you be bold and fearless? Or will you be conservative and cautious?

Collect the Cards. Complete the Story. Capture the Point.

“This game is a favorite with my children ages 5-14. They have spent hours and many laughs playing this together. Simple and fun for all ages.” – Julie


“We love this game and how it focuses on teaching the parables of Jesus! I love how it helps kids to distill the parables down into four parts to help them focus on learning them. The cards are a nice, sturdy quality and I know they will last.” – Cat

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Get the highest scoring Sheep Cards and Pasture Cards to win! Sounds simple... But watch out! Other players will be looking to "Wolf" your cards and "Stampede" your hand. Will you have a Shepherd to protect your flock?

“Just the right amount of Strategy, Competition and Chance built into a card game that keeps us going for the next round. And Humour too! Love the 1 + 99 card!” – Yong


“This is a great game that my family really enjoyed playing together. We had lots of fun and it opened up conversations about the Good Shepherd.” – Joanne

In this exciting printable Bible Escape Room, players are visitors to an amusement park where they stumble upon a humongous stink bomb fiendishly rigged to a timer! (A mobile phone with countdown timer displayed.) Racing against the clock, they must solve 5 puzzles to obtain the password to unlock the phone and disable the timer before the stink bomb goes off. Can they do it in time to avert a smelly catastrophe?

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How should you place your path tiles? In this highly strategic game, players must form paths to help their missionary get to their assigned village. Along the way, they must collect 5 resources the village needs. The first player to reach their assigned village with the required resources wins!

“This game gets more interesting each time we play as we warm up to the various strategic possibilities. (WARNING: may cause fights.) Haha – we really get into it!” – Kim


“This is a fun game that we have played many times. Between the laughs we have conversations about what it means to be a missionary. We love the strategic element.” – Claire

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Have a rolling good time with this clickety-clackety dice game! With 20 animal dice and 56 beautifully designed cards, Bible Animals Click Clack Match is the perfect game for both young and old!

“This is the perfect family dice game! My 4-year-old son even got really into it! We had to help him add the points up but for the most part he played independently and loved that he could understand this game (he often sits out on game night or pairs up with a sibling).” – Leah


“An extremely fun and engaging game for kids and adults. Surprisingly easy for our young children to pick up and even think strategically after one quick trial round. Made with really good quality materials! Also very convenient to bring around. Highly recommended!” – Sean

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Want to become more familiar with the books and sections of the Bible? Here's a fun and simple way to do just that! These Bible Bingo cards replace conventional Bingo numbers with the 66 books of the Bible and are specially designed to correspond to how the Bible is organized. They are divided into distinct, colored sections which match the sections of the Bible. Combine the fun and interaction of Bingo with learning about the books and sections of the Bible!

“This game was a huge hit! My grandkids loved playing it. I love that the board is organized by the genres of books in the Bible. There is just nothing like hearing a 4-year-old call out “Minor Prophets” or “Poetry” while looking to cover his card! This game is a sure way to help children learn the books and genres of the Bible – while having fun!” – Deborah


“This game is fantastic. I have used it with church members, and they have requested it again and again. It is also a good learning tool for children.” – Mildred

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Looking for a memory game with a difference? Or a fun game to help you remember the books and sections of the Bible? Check out this Bible Memory Game with beautiful illustrations of each book of the Bible.

“Played for the 1st time at church Tuesday night with 7 kids in ages 9 to 15. Even with the wide range in ages we all had fun. Oh, I played too. I think it will help them learn the books of the Bible. I would recommend this game.” – Greg

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Planning a Christmas party at home or in church? Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? This 2-in-1 Christmas Bingo & Memory Card Game featuring colorful festive illustrations and packaged with 400 ready-to-play plastic Bingo chips is exactly what you need!

“This 2-in-1 game is perfect for our 5-year-old, but was even enjoyed by my husband and I! There are 24 colorful cards with various Christmas-themed illustrations and are double-sided, adding even more fun. It also includes well-made green Bingo chips and calling cards, that can ALSO be used to play a memory game.” – Kristin