Bible Triple Showdown

This exhilarating game combines rapid verbal clues, manic doodles and frantic gestures for an epic Bible showdown like no other! Truly the ultimate Bible guessing game.


Bible Triple Showdown is a super fast-paced game with each turn lasting only 30 seconds!

With one player giving clues, the rest of the team must guess the Bible word or phrase on each card.

Bible Triple Showdown Card 1 Bible Triple Showdown Card 2Bible Triple Showdown Card 3Bible Triple Showdown Card 4Bible Triple Showdown Card 5


Bible Triple Showdown is played in 3 rounds with 30 cards.

All 3 rounds are played with the same 30 cards, but with different types of clues used for each round.


Round 1: Say It! A Blistering Round of Rapid Verbal Clues

Bible Triple Showdown Round 1 Description

On your team’s turn, one player will be the Clue-giver and other team members will be Guessers.
(Encourage all players to take turns to be the Clue-giver.)
Hand the Playing Deck of 30 cards to the Clue-giver.
On “Go!” the Clue-giver provides verbal clues to help the Guessers guess the Bible word or phase on that card.

The clue-giver can say anything except the green words on the card:
Bible Triple Showdown Card 1


When your Guessers guess correctly, hand them that card to keep until the end of the round.
Carry on playing with the next card in the Playing Deck until the 30-second timer runs out.


Passing is not allowed in Round 1, but Clue-givers may refer to the given Bible passage, or read out the Bible reference for the Guessers.


When the timer runs out, move the current card to the back of the Playing Deck.
Hand the remaining cards of the Playing Deck to the next team’s Clue-giver to continue the round.

After their turn, teams may quietly discuss cards that they did not manage to guess.


Teams take turns to play until there are no more cards in the Playing Deck.

Count the number of cards won by each team and award 1 point for each card.
Gather all 30 cards and shuffle them to form the Playing Deck for the next round.
As the same 30 cards are used in Rounds 2 and 3, players will be somewhat familiar with the Bible words and phrases in play.
(Everyone needs to pay attention even when its not their turn!)


Round 2: Draw It! A Furious Round of Manic Doodles

Bible Triple Showdown Round 2 Description

Round 2 is played in the same way, but with the clue-giver drawing the Bible word or phrase using the dry erase board and marker provided.

Passing is allowed in Round 2. If you are stuck, move the card to the back of the Playing Deck and carry on with the next card.


Round 3: Act It! A Breathless Round of Frantic Gestures

Bible Triple Showdown Round 3 Description

In Round 3, the clue-giver silently acts out the Bible word or phrase.

Passing is allowed in Round 3. If you are stuck, move the card to the back of the Playing Deck and carry on with the next card.


The game ends when all 3 rounds: Say It! Draw It! Act It! have been completed.
Tally up the points. The team with the most points at the end of 3 rounds wins the game.


Game Contents

500 Bible Triple Showdown Cards
4 Dry Erase Boards
4 Dry Erase Markers with Erasers
30-second Timer
Instruction Sheet


Download Bible Triple Showdown Instructions here.

Bible Triple Showdown Game Instructions01    Bible Triple Showdown Game Instructions02


Product Size: 6¾ x 5 x 4 inches (170 x 130 x 100mm)


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