Parable Parade

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In this exciting game, players must collect complete sets of Parable Cards. You can draw as many cards as you like, but be careful… Draw an Oopsie! Card and you will pay the price! Will you be bold and fearless? Or will you be conservative and cautious?

Collect the Cards. Complete the Story. Capture the Point.

“This game is a favorite with my children. They have spent hours and many laughs playing this together!” – Julie


“We love this game and how it focuses on teaching the parables of Jesus!” – Cat


How to Play Parable Parade

Jesus was a masterful storyteller. Using common objects like sheep and seeds, Jesus told short but powerful parables to help His audience grasp important spiritual truths. This game features 12 of Jesus’ parables.

The objective of the game is to form complete sets of Parable Cards. Each set comprises 4 cards of the same parable and is identified by a colored title bar on the top-left of the cards. The first player to form 2 complete sets of Parable Cards wins.


On your turn you can draw as many cards as you like provided you do not get an Oopsie! Card.


If you get an Oopsie! Card, your turn ends and you must discard 3 cards.


Accumulate Kingdom Cards and use them take a Parable Card from another player.


Ages 6+
15-minute Playing Time
2-6 Players


  • An exciting strategy game!
  • Learn about Jesus’ parables as you play
  • Play at home, in church or at small group gatherings
  • Suitable for kids, youth and adults
  • Great as gifts
  • Includes 12 Parable Summary Cards that explain each parable featured in this game

Game Contents

48 Parable Cards (12 parables x 4 cards each):
This game features 12 of Jesus’ parables:

  • The Sower
  • The Hidden Treasure
  • The Lost Sheep
  • The Lost Coin
  • The Prodigal Son
  • The Good Samaritan
  • The Unmerciful Servant
  • The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
  • The Talents
  • The Rich Fool
  • The Wise and Foolish Builders
  • The Ten Virgins

Each parable is illustrated by a set of 4 Parable Cards and is identified by a colored title bar on the top-left of the cards.
Printed on bridge sized cards (2¼ x 3½ inches; 57 x 88mm).


10 Oopsie! Cards:


42 Kingdom Cards:


12 Parable Summary Cards:

After the game, encourage players to retell the parables in their own words using the illustrations on the cards as a guide.
12 Parable Summary Cards are provided for your easy reference.
Includes both summary and explanations of the 12 featured parables.


Easy-to-follow Instructions:

Download Parable Parade Instructions here.


Product Size: 4¾ x 3¾ x ¾ inches (119 x 93 x 19mm)


8 reviews for Parable Parade

  1. Cat

    We love this game and how it focuses on teaching the parables of Jesus! I love how it helps kids to distill the parables down into four parts to help them focus on learning them. The cards are a nice, sturdy quality and I know they will last.

  2. Kristin Sterk

    Even as an adult, I can easily get my parables mixed up. This game has helped refresh my memory and has taught my 5-year-old what the parables are. There are also “summary” cards that help phrase the parable in a very practical way. My daughter has already learned so much through the word pictures and summaries, just by simply playing this game.

  3. Julie

    This game is a favorite with my children ages 5-14. They have spent hours and many laughs playing this together. Simple and fun for all ages

  4. Joanne

    Simple and fun games that the whole family can play together. My kids aged 4-9 all enjoyed it and it was a good way to talk about the parables too!

  5. Claire

    Our family loves this game! It has become my girls new favorite game and it’s great that they are learning Bible parables at the same time,

  6. Deborah

    This is a simple and fun game for grandparents to play with their grandchildren. We played it recently on a visit with our grandkids ages 13-5. They all enjoyed it, and it was a great way to spend some time learning/reviewing the Parables. And, the Oopsie cards add an extra element of fun!

  7. Brandi

    This is such a fun unique way to help kids remember Bible parables and the meaning of each one. My middle schooler and I had a blast with this one.


    Parable game and Bible Memory. Great game for Bible study class. Encourage Bible students to read more while having fun.

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