The Good Shepherd

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In this super easy-to-learn game, players must try to get the highest scoring Sheep Cards and Pasture Cards. But watch out! Other players will be looking to “Wolf” your cards and “Stampede” your hand. Will you have a Shepherd to protect your flock?

How to Play The Good Shepherd

Holding 3 cards in their hands, players take turns to draw and play cards.
ou must try to get the highest scoring Sheep and Pasture Cards when the game ends!

The Good Shepherd Hand Description  


Play a Wolf Card to steal 1 card from another player.

The Good Shepherd Wolf Card Description


Play a Stampede Card to force any player to give up all their cards.

The Good Shepherd Stampede Card Description


A Shepherd Card protects your hand against Wolf and Stampede Cards.

The Good Shepherd Card Description


Play a Sparrow Card to peek at another player’s cards.

The Good Shepherd Sparrow Card Description


Sundown Cards determine when the game ends.

The Good Shepherd Sundown Card Description


You need at least 1 Sheep Card AND 1 Pasture Card to score any points.
No points will be awarded if you have only Sheep or Pasture Cards without the other.
The player with the highest scoring hand at the end of the game wins!

The Good Shepherd Lays Down His Life Description

God is the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep. If one of his sheep gets lost, he leaves the other 99 and goes searching for the lost one, and he rejoices when he finds it. (John 10:11-18; Luke 15:1-7)


Ages 6+
15-minute Playing Time
2-6 Players


  • Strategic gameplay
  • Simple and elegant
  • Easy to carry around

Game Contents

80 Bridge Sized Cards:

The Good Shepherd Sheep 7 Card DescriptionThe Good Shepherd Pasture 3 Card DescriptionThe Good Shepherd Card Description

The Good Shepherd Wolf Card DescriptionThe Good Shepherd Stampede Card DescriptionThe Good Shepherd Sparrow Card DescriptionThe Good Shepherd Sundown Card Description


Easy-to-follow Instructions:

The Good Shepherd Instructions Description

Download The Good Shepherd Card Game Instructions here.


Product Size: 4⅝ x 3⅝ x ⅝ inches (119 x 93 x 17 mm)

1 review for The Good Shepherd

  1. Joanne

    This is a great game that my family really enjoyed playing together. We had lots of fun and it opened up conversations about the Good Shepherd. My 10-year-old said that it reflected real life, where sheep really need protection from a shepherd.

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