Sunday School Lessons

Kids learn best when they’re having fun!
All our Sunday School Lessons incorporate exciting games, unique crafts, and other captivating activities to help children understand, remember and apply God’s word in their lives.
These Sunday school lessons, together with high-quality printables where required, are all provided free!
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Capture kids’ attention with a treasure hunt in the dark! Have them tell you the Creation story with the treasures found and send them home with their own Galaxy Jars as a reminder that God is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Use this lesson to lead kids to worship our Creator God.
This lesson begins with kids having fun mimicking animal sounds but takes on a more serious tone as they dig deeper to learn that God is righteous and just. He hates evil but blesses those who are faithful to him. Use this lesson to lead kids to make a commitment to walk faithfully with God.
Begin this lesson with a group story-telling game with silly twists and turns as everyone creatively weaves random emojis into a story. Play a zoomed-in picture guessing game to show that we don’t always see the full picture. Make a Joseph Emoji Story Flipper to bring home to play “Guess the Emoji Story” with friends. Use this lesson to teach kids that God has a plan, and we can trust God with our future.
God revealed Himself not only to Moses through the burning bush. He also revealed Himself to all of us through this story in the Bible. Kids re-tell the story with the help of Emojis, and bring home a flickering LED burning bush craft to remind them that God knows and cares about them too! Use this lesson to teach kids that they should talk to God about their problems, because God cares about them.
When God told Pharaoh (through Moses and Aaron) to let the Israelites go, Pharaoh refused. He asked, “Who is the Lord, that I should obey him and let Israel go?” After God displayed His mighty power by sending 10 plagues over Egypt, he finally relented. Use this lesson to teach kids that the God we worship is the one true God. If we truly believe in Him and want to enjoy His eternal blessings, we should obey Him.
God had promised the Israelites that he would lead them out of slavery in Egypt and lead them to a good and fertile land. Neither the Egyptians nor the Red Sea could prevent God from fulfilling His promise! Use this lesson to teach kids that God has the power to overcome any obstacle! They should trust God and obey His instructions.
Why would Daniel rather be thrown into the lions' den than to stop praying to God 3 times a day? Through a video, crossword puzzle, games and crafts, kids learn that God is Great! Greater than any mighty beast or powerful king! Use this lesson to teach kids that that we can fully trust in God because He can and wants to protect us from harm. We must obey God no matter what!
Many kids are familiar with the story of Jonah and the Big Fish. But do they know what that story teaches us? In this fun lesson, kids play games, draw their own comic strip, and make their own Big Gulp of Jonah toy. Use this lesson to teach kids that God is compassionate and gracious, and He wants to show His love to everyone. Lead kids to respond to God’s compassion and grace.
Why is Chrismas the season to be jolly? We celebrate Christmas because God gave us His Son, Jesus, so that we can be with Him forever! Use this lesson to teach kids the true story of Christmas. Through games, drawing their own comic strip, and a Nativity Craft, kids are equipped to re-tell the story to their family and friends!
Most of us are familiar with the Christmas carol, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing." On the night of the birth of our Savior, Jesus, angels announced the joyous news to some shepherds in a nearby field. And they, in turn, praised God and passed on the good news. Use this lesson to equip kids with the Gospel and get them excited about sharing it with their family and friends!
Upon seeing a new star, the Magi recognized that a new king, Jesus, had been born! They traveled a long distance from an eastern land to Jerusalem to worship Jesus and present Him with special gifts. Use this lesson to teach kids about Jesus! Through story-telling, games and a treasure chest craft, kids learn that Jesus is our Savior and King and worthy of our worship and our gifts!
In this popular story about Jesus calming the storm, Jesus taught His disciples that He has power over the wind and the waves. Through games, a skit, a Storm in a Jar craft, and a balloon-that-won’t-pop science activity, children learn that Jesus has power over the wind and the waves because He is God! Use this lesson to help kids have faith in Jesus.
In this lesson, kids make a paper fish chain, watch an animated video, and put on a skit on Jesus feeding the five thousand. They then prepare their own “lunch box” of 5 pieces of bread and 2 “fish” to bring home. With just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish from a young boy, Jesus fed more than 5000 people and even had 12 basketfuls of leftovers! Use this lesson to lead kids to use their gifts, talents, and possessions to serve Jesus.
What do M&Ms have to do with The Good Samaritan? Jesus told The Parable of The Good Samaritan in response to the question, “Who is my neighbor?” Use this Sunday School lesson to teach kids that Jesus wants us to show practical love and compassion to everyone!
Do you know there is great rejoicing in heaven over every sinner who decides to follow Jesus? Jesus told this parable to the Pharisees and teachers of the law who muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” Use this lesson to lead kids to Jesus, and to encourage them to share the Gospel with their friends!
In this Sunday school lesson on The Last Supper, kids plan their dream menu for a party, watch an animated video, play Pictionary, and craft a fridge magnet to remind them that Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins.
Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? Activities in this Sunday School Lesson include a paper airplane that transforms into a cross, an object lesson using a hard-boiled egg, and a salvation bracelet craft. Kids learn that if we believe in Jesus and confess our sins, God will forgive our sins. We can become children of God and will one day be with Him in heaven.
This lesson starts off with a hilarious Silly Easter Egg Hunt which introduces something more meaningful - Resurrection Eggs. Kids learn the Easter story through a video, and then retell it with the help of Resurrection Eggs that they make. We received the good news about Jesus from someone, and Jesus wants us to pass it on so that more people will come to know and believe in Him!

Coming Soon:

We are working to develop many, many more fun and exciting Sunday School Lessons.
Our hope and prayer is to be able to cover as much of the Bible as possible.
Here are just a few of the lessons you can expect to see soon.

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