Youth Group Games

Here are some of our favorite youth group games that are not only fun to play, but also deal with various issues our young people are facing.

Use these games in your youth ministry meetings, small group gatherings, camps or other youth group event.

These Bible games for youths are not only fun, but they can help you better engage your audience, making your lessons more meaningful, more memorable and more actionable.


Doubting Faith: Box of Lies

Box of Lies Youth Group Game
Volunteers open boxes containing bizarre items and choose to either describe it truthfully or lie about what’s in the box. The audience votes on whether he’s telling the truth or not. This youth group game is an adaptation of a popular talk show game and is a great activity to teach about doubting faith. LEARN MORE >


Pain and Sadness: Emoji Story

Emoji Story Youth Group Game
Players exercise their creativity by crafting stories based on random emojis they are assigned. Use this youth group game to teach about dealing with pain and sadness. LEARN MORE >



Singleness, Dating and Marriage: Ping Near Pong

Ping Near Pong Youth Group Game
Players toss or roll ping-pong balls into a marked circle. The team with 2 ping-pong balls closest together wins. Use this fun youth group game to introduce a lesson on singleness, dating and marriage. LEARN MORE >


Social Media and Self-worth: Liking Them Balloons

Liking Them Balloons Youth Group Game
In this fun game, players race to collect balloons with as many “Likes” as possible. Use this youth group game to teach about self-worth and to address the issue of social media “Likes” addiction. LEARN MORE >


Fear, Worry, Anxiety: What’s in the Box

What's in the Box Youth Group Game
Volunteers must overcome their fear and stick their hands inside a carton box to identify the mystery item it contains. Use this game in your youth ministry to teach about fear, worry and anxiety. LEARN MORE >


Social Injustice: Pasta Pick-Up

Pasta Pick-Up Youth Group Game
In this intentionally unfair relay, teams are given uncooked pasta of differing thicknesses to complete the same task. They must move empty soda cans, held by pasta in players’ mouths, from one end of the room to another. Use this youth group game to teach about injustice. LEARN MORE >


Submitting to Authority: Simon Says Extreme

Simon Says Extreme Youth Group Game
Play an advanced version of Simon Says, where pairs of players have to hold a balloon between their backs. Use this game in your youth ministry to teach about submitting to authority. LEARN MORE >


Silence and Solitude: Rowdy Retrieve

Rowdy Retrieve Youth Group Game
Blindfolded players try to ignore noisy distractions to stay focused on their teammates’ instructions to retrieve crushed papers balls. Use this youth group game to teach about silence and solitude. LEARN MORE >


Busyness: Balloon Juggling

Balloon Juggling Bible Game for Adults and Youths
Keep as many balloons in the air for as long as possible and learn about Jesus’ perspective on busyness. A really fun church game for youths. LEARN MORE >


Peer Pressure: Do You Prefer…

Do You Prefer Youth Group Game
Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? Summer or winter? Players choose their preferences by moving to either side of the room. Use this youth group game to teach about peer pressure. LEARN MORE >


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3 thoughts on “Youth Group Games”

  1. Maggie Jauregui

    would like to access crossword or word fimd games for teens who are in confirmation classes that would engage them in an activity . Please.

  2. Stephanie Burns

    These are all awesome – thanks so much for sharing! I was looking for a game to tie into our lesson this week on where our worth comes from, and will be trying out the ‘Liking Them Balloons’ activity!

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